Change log


  • Added quota reporting RESTful endpoint

V3.0 (codename ‘More’)

Release date: May 16th, 2017

  • Domain, user and sub domain splitting (new)
  • Disposition tagging for Free-mail and Role based addresses (new)
  • Enhanced syntax validation with reason code
  • Enhanced DNS verification returning A, MX and TXT records (new)
  • Mailbox verification to SMTP level
  • Mail infrastructure identification including SMTP banner (new)
  • Mail infrastructure geographic location ISO code
  • Web infrastructure PING - detects if domain has alive web server (new)
  • Social data / images from Gravatar (new)
  • Send risk assessment scoring based on EmailHippo proprietary scoring heuristics (new)
  • Spam assesment and blocklist risk scoring based on EmailHippo rules and 3rd party data sources including SpamHaus (new)
  • Overall risk scoring based on Email Hippo assesment of Send risk combined with spam assesment (new)
  • Gibberish domain and user detection (new)
  • Advanced DEA detection based on Email Hippo multi-vector realtime analysis (new)
  • Detailed diagnostic performance timings (new)
  • Moved endpoints to domain to (new)


Release date: June, 2016

  • Added infrastructure identifier node (new)


Release date: November 2015

  • Deployed to global, cloud based distributed architecture
  • Added mail server location data ISO code
  • Domain and user information
  • DEA detection based on static lists


Release date: Deprecated October 2015

Version no longer available or supported.